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All change

Posted by oakesgr on April 29, 2010

As part of the whole stepping down as Team Lead thing, I’ve been moved to a different business area. So I now support Data IT as opposed to FI Derivatives. That probably doesn’t mean an awful lot to most people.

To put it plainer, I used to support systems that were based around settlement and confirmation operations. Now I will be supporting systems that take feeds of instrument data from places like Bloomberg and Reuters, transform the data in some way and then pass it down the line to various other systems.

I’d been working with the Derivatives systems from my first day almost 3 years ago, so it’s probably good for me to change.

Change does come with its own challenges though. First and foremost, the old systems I supported were mainly of the OLTP flavour, with the odd reporting system. The new area is very much data warehouse / decision support system based. This means I have to extract and shake down the old DW skill set. It’s easy to lose the skills when you’re not using them, so a quick refresher course through the docs on partitioning, parallel dml, parallel query etc. is on the cards.

Probably the bigger challenge is building up the relationships with the people involved in the new area. For the past 3 years I’ve sat in close proximity to the managers, prod support and developers that I worked with. Over time the trust and respect builds to a level that enables everyone to do their job very efficiently, knowing that they don’t have to constantly second guess someone else’s opinion (a little bit of second guessing is good. It keeps us all on our toes).

I will have to build that trust again. This time it has added complexity in that the majority of my new contacts are based in Bangalore. My experience in the past has been that remote communication works so much better if you’ve previously met the other party in person. It helps to avoid misconceptions that can arise from emails, chat etc. The written word can be very ambiguous at times, even more so when it’s not the first language of one of the participants.

Throw into the mix differences in the way I work with the way the previous dba worked, such as differing requirements for ‘tickets’ (I have learnt to hate that word with a passion!), procedures followed etc. and it can quickly become a ‘difficult’ situation.

 The only way to get through this ‘pre-trust’ stage is to be as patient as possible, give the benefit of the doubt whenever you can and basically just try to be helpful and provide value to them at every opportunity. Hopefully I can prove my worth relatively quickly, although it’s difficult to put a timeframe on it based on previous experience.


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