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Whilst the cat’s away…

Posted by oakesgr on April 4, 2010

My wife’s gone to see her family for a couple of weeks so I have the freedom of the manor. What to do with all this spare time that’s suddenly on my hands? I could catch up on all that technical reading I’ve been putting off, or I could reinstall 11g on my laptop and play with all the new features and shiny buttons it comes with. Or I could try to teach myself Apex, which I’ve been saying I’d do for about 3 years now!

Or I could laze around the house wandering from room to room feeling very bored and lonely.

Best I go for the last option – it will make my wife happier if she thinks I can’t function without her. I did get out and play golf (very badly) today, so it wasn’t a complete write-off.

I usually find that when she’s away I plan to get loads done, but usually just end up working longer hours and achieving very little outside of the office.

Ho-hum…now where’s that Apex book?


2 Responses to “Whilst the cat’s away…”

  1. mwidlake said

    You need to take off long enough to do all the “rest of life” things that need doing, add in a few days for simply wandering about aimlessly (a male-specific activity, it would seem, which always seems to take precedence) and then you can get down to that Apex book. I think 2 months is the required period absent from work to stand a chance of getting to Apex.

    I’m on my third download of the workshop-and-latest-version and have never quite got there.

    I’ve been promising to buy myself a new server and set it up with vm and several versions of Oracle for 18 months…

  2. oakesgr said

    2 months? I think I need manage my own expectations better.

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