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UKOUG Management and Infrastructure SIG

Posted by oakesgr on April 1, 2010

I attended my first UKOUG event on Tuesday.  Martin Widlake chairs this SIG and does a fantastic job of making everyone (including newcomers like myself) feel very welcome. In fact once I’d got over my usual shrinking violet impression, I found everyone to be welcoming and particularly knowledgeable.

This SIG contains a broad range of presentations, and doesn’t delve too deeply into technical discussions despite Martin’s enthusiasm to talk about stats collection to all and sundry.

It kicked off with a presentation on profiling people using the Birkman method. It wasn’t to everyone’s tastes but they always pique my curiosity. I use it as a way to discover how other people perceive me, and I’m usually surprised on where I’m placed in these profiles.

After a brief coffee break we were into ‘Provisioning of Oracle Database Clusters using OEM’ by Rob Zoeteweij. Personally, I found this the most useful presentation of the day. The main reason for this was the relevance to my current place of work. We have a huge issue with ensuring CPU patches are applied across a massive estate. Using OEM to automate the application of the patches may just be the way forward.

We then had an Exadata 2 presentation from the Oracle guys. This wasn’t quite the sales show that I expected but it wasn’t too far from it. Lots of graphs showing how much quicker Exadata 2 was than everything else without really explaining the nuts and bolts of it. Every time that I wanted to ask a question such as…what does the SGA actually hold – blocks, psuedo blocks…hedgehogs? how does AWR report back on IO that’s being filtered before it gets to the database? .. I had to remind myself this was a Management SIG and so I bit my lip and kept quiet.

After lunch James Anthony spoke around some security implementations, but I have to admit he lost me for a little while. Maybe it was the post-lunch wind down.

At 3 Martin took to the stage and attempted to cover Database Statistics gathering in about 60 minutes! Now if ever there was a subject that lent itself to a longer more detailed investigation, it’s probably stats gathering. BUT… I thought he did a fantastic result. If anything he was hampered by his own enthusiasm to answer every question in enough detail to provide a rigorous answer.

At 4pm a group of us headed to a local pub to continue our discussions over a relaxing pint or 5. Doug Burns turned up at around 6pm and I then spent the next 2 hours watching the Doug and Martin show as they both attempted to outspeak each other. I managed to get a couple of words in sometime around 7:42 if I remember rightly!

Anyway. Thanks to Martin for the invite to the SIG and a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day.


9 Responses to “UKOUG Management and Infrastructure SIG”

  1. >I managed to get a couple of words in sometime around 7:42 if I remember rightly!
    I resent that – Doug went off for a smoke and I paused a couple of times to drink beer, so you had at least 3 chances to talk that I remember…

    I’m glad you enjoyed the day and thanks for the write-up. Now, as I was saying about stats, the key thing is to ensure the sample size you chose is in proportion to the total data spread of incrementing columns and the periodicity of collection the square root of the mean of all linear-variable columns….

  2. […] itself just now, maybe later this weekend. If you want an opinion on it, you might like to see what Graham Oaks […]

  3. Hi Graham,
    great that you liked my presentation.
    I think we had an interesting day all together.
    If you would like to read a bit more on OEM GC Provisioning, you might want to check my blog http://oemgc.wordpress.com
    Here you can find several other presentations I did on this subject and other OEM GC topic.

    • oakesgr said

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the link to the blog, I’ll be letting the other dbas here know about it too. I’ll let you know if we ever get around to using the provisioning toolset.


  4. Doug Burns said

    I managed to get a couple of words in sometime around 7:42 if I remember rightly!

    Oh, yeah, I remember … you barely said a word all night.

    Where we really in the same pub?!

    • oakesgr said

      You know me Doug, I wouldn’t say boo to a goose! Unless I’ve had copious amounts of Wallop, in which case all bets are off!

  5. Doug Burns said

    Sigh … s/Where/Were/g

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