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It’s MY oracle support not yours!

Posted by oakesgr on November 18, 2009

I thought I would belatedly jump into the whole MOS debate.

For the record I started using the new flash interface as soon as it was readily available. My overall impression was a good one. I liked how it looked, the flexibility it gave the user in how they set up their dashboard etc.

Come the big day and it all went pear-shaped in a major fashion. I was unfortunate in that I had production issues that required new SRs on the day of the switchover.

 My personal experience was that I couldn’t get anything other than a blank white pages until I switched browser. Obviously this took a fair while experimenting with installing / uninstalling different versions of flash etc. a little stressful when you have clients asking you about progress on those prod issues.

When calling support, I had more success than some of my colleagues. I was put through to someone almost immediately. I did expect some chirpy response such as ‘Hi this is Oracle Support how may I help you?’. Instead I got a very suspicious ‘Hullo?’. It kind of took me by surprise. I thought I’d mis-dialled. Anyway, I managed to supply the necessary info and get the SRs raised.

Over a week later and how’s it looking….  well I still can’t login with my original browser, and I’ve given up trying to work out why. With my new browser I can login during the morning. From around 1pm (when the US come online I’m guessing) any attempt to login drags on forever without actually getting anywhere.

So my new ploy is to open a session as soon as I login each morning and then just keep that open all day. I’m probably not helping anyone else by doing this, but frankly this experience has made me more than a little selfish. Don’t blame the man, blame the system!

If anyone’s interested in giving some feedback on the switch to MOS why not take the survey? I know I didn’t hold back .

Finally I think I’ve realised why it was named My Oracle Support, because if I have it open, no one else can login! Well done oracle – the first serialised support service in history!



2 Responses to “It’s MY oracle support not yours!”

  1. mwidlake said

    Haha! Good posting Graham.

    I thank my lucky stars that my current role does not really include fix-on-fail duties, so I have managed to miss out on all the fun. Having said that, I have unearthed what seems to be yet another pile of doo-doo in the arena of stats gathering, so I might be about to experience the full joy of MOS myself soon.

    Oracle Corp does seem to have a talent for producing software that works in trial versions and then utterly cr4ps out in reality (sorry to swear on your blog Graham, but this bit of Oracle deserves swearing about). 10G beta worked like a dream. 10G original “production” release, could we get it to work? Could we heck. Took weeks it took, the beta was up and running 20 minutes after slotting into the CD drive. Old OEM on oracle 8 (was it called oem then?), it worked. Then came the Java version in 9. it didn’t work.

    I can’t believe the “second biggest software house” can get production software so terribly wrong at times. I mean, Microsoft never mess up like this. Vista was great (ducks behind desk).

    • oakesgr said

      Hi Martin,

      what can I say, some things just deserve to be sworn about. What disappoints me the most in all this, is that despite it’s ‘features’ and the pain that raising an SR usually involved, I really liked metalink. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to some other support sites I’ve used it was streets ahead.

      They’ve really shot themselves in the foot, and the attitude of some of the people out there is shocking (Mr Warticki).

      I think I’ll leave Vista to the Microsoft experts!

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